MLM for TeamNet

Increase the size of your staff pool and make the most of your local workforce whilst reducing time and costs. Delivered through a single platform, TeamNet + MLM gives you all the tools to source, book and rota staff, manage your HR compliance checks, helping to alleviate the increasing challenges faced in our industry.


Your Complete Workforce Solution

Build flexible staff pools to support all the practices in your area to schedule their workforce, ensure staff are deployed where they are needed the most, whilst building continuity of care for your patients, aiding staff retention, and saving on time and costs – all through the MLM add-on for TeamNet.


Builds sustainable communities

Our platform encourages building sustainable communities of reliable GPs and healthcare professionals, helping develop practice resilience by increasing the local clinician pool.

Accommodates all healthcare professionals

Unlike traditional staff pools, TeamNet + MLN accommodates all healthcare professionals, not just locum GPs. This means salaried GPs, locum GPs, ARRS workforce, nurses, administration staff – allowing you to source and book cover across your entire primary care workforce from the same platform.

All the information you need, in one place

Unlike other staffing platforms, our flexible pools solution will draw upon TeamNet’s existing HR and workforce modules, such as rotas, staff availability, HR card
containing HR checks and key credentials, mandatory training, and more.

Why is TeamNet+MLM different to traditional staff pools and locum platforms?

Improves retention through the building of sustainable, clinical communities. MLM delivers targeted support to incentivise more local recruitment and retention by making it easier to work flexibly and remotely within the local area

Drives cost efficiencies by bringing together permanent and self-employed staff across practice areas, making it easier to source cover from your permanent pool first, and then cover gaps using your self-employed staff pool if still needed

Encourages safer practice – build and organise your local workforce for reliable cover from trusted clinicians

Improves practice resilience by increasing your local clinician pool

Compliance made easier by providing everything that a practice requires as evidence in one place, including HR checks and credentials, mandatory training, to staff availability to provide greater continuity and ultimately safer and reliable care for patients

Saves practice time – reduced time and administrative burden through the automation of key administrative tasks, with all relevant information in one place to source and book staff, whilst remaining compliant


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