Top Five Benefits of TeamNet



Primary Care


Just like the fast-paced and ever-changing medical sector, TeamNet is always evolving. Our goal of making primary care systems stronger and more efficient has been at the core of everything we do from the beginning.

Thanks to our team of medical and technical experts, alongside valuable feedback from customers, TeamNet has transformed into an all-encompassing knowledge, compliance, and workforce management platform offering extensive features to suit all your practice needs.

Whilst we could go on and on about the numerous positive changes implementing TeamNet would have on your organisation, we know your time is precious, so we have picked the five key benefits that you should know about if you are considering trying TeamNet.

1. Searchable Knowledge All in One Place – Find What You Need, When You Need it

Quick access to the right information is vital when working in the health sector and TeamNet is a great way to get all you need in one place, and accessible at any time. Not just that, TeamNet also offers an easy way to share relevant information by targeting specific roles or people meaning that you won’t overload inboxes.

2. Manage Holidays, Absences, Rotas, and Your Workforce – Even When You’re at Home

Keeping track of everything and everyone within your practice every day can be a sizeable task, but with TeamNet, everything is made simple. Through TeamNet you can control and manage the needs of your employees from anywhere, making sure your practice is always running smoothly. Your staff can even book their holidays and manage their rota from home too.

3. Monitor Everything Within the Practice for CQC – from Fridges, Consumables, Premises Checks, SEAs, and More!

Practices are required to meet exceptional standards, ensuring they continue to be a great place to work and give the best care. TeamNet uses a wide range of expert tools to monitor all aspects of your practice, keeping an accurate record of your checks to ensure you’re fully prepared for any CQC inspection or remote check.

4. Appraisals, Statutory & Mandatory Training, CPD Sessions – We’ve Got You Covered!

As a medical professional, it’s important that you keep on top of your education and up to date with the latest developments in the profession to ensure that you can continue to provide the best care. But CPD can prove to be a strain on an already stretched workload – TeamNet is the place for all things CPD, providing statutory and mandatory training sessions from our team of experts and accessible from anywhere to ensure you’re always on top. What’s more, because it’s all integrated and in one place, there’s no need to access other platforms or chase staff for their training updates – it’s all there in TeamNet!

5. Bespoke Customer Service Support – You Are Not Alone.

From setting up the platform, to getting your organisation on board, our customer support team will be working alongside you the make the process as smooth as possible. But worry not, our contact with you doesn’t end as soon as we set you up. Whenever you have a question, problem, or just want to share some feedback, there are several ways to get in touch with us. Whether it is through a member of our Product Consultancy team that you’ve been allocated at the start of your implementation process, or by calling our support line on 0191 2875800, we are always there to make sure TeamNet is an enjoyable, smooth experience.

To find out more about everything Clarity TeamNet has to offer, visit: TeamNet – Web-based Sharing & Compliance Platform for Primary Care – Clarity Informatics

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