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Agilio TeamNet has become the go-to workforce management software for GP practices, with 62% of practices across England using it to handle their day-to-day activity.


TeamNet for PCNS: The Benefits of Managing Your Entire Network in One Place

Running a Primary Care Network can be a tall task at the best of times and ensuring that your Direct Patient Care staff are being catered for whilst also looking after all your member practices, is a new, additional administrative burden that could lead to important things falling through cracks.

Agilio TeamNet has become the go-to workforce management software for GP practices, with 62% of practices across England using it to handle their day-to-day activity. However, TeamNet is not only for the benefit of individual practices, PCNs can also use the system to help better inform and manage entire teams right across the network so everyone is on the same page at the same time.

Improving Your Communication

When it comes to ensuring that everyone across your network has the right information, you want to make sure that it’s done efficiently and without the fear of omitting any vital documents or missing anyone off a distribution list.

Agilio TeamNet eliminates that hassle from the process, our central document sharing feature allows you to share anything from policies to topic pages directly to specific individuals and job roles across your practices. This means that only those that need the information are informed, reducing your admin time.

The control is always in your hands, allowing you to raise and track acknowledgements on documents for CQC purposes and ensuring that practice-specific access for your PCN workforce is readily available so they can always be on top and compliant.

Managing Your HR Information

Managing your PCN employed workforce who work across multiple locations can prove logistically challenging. With such busy schedules, keeping on top of compliance checks, and ensuring information flows where it needs to, can make it harder to record and maintain fitness to practice records. This means less time to keep track of data and progress, making it harder for you to ensure they’re fit to practice.

Agilio TeamNet allows you to safely and directly share important HR information with other practices, ensuring all your employees are good to go, wherever they are within the network.

And because you can record your HR checks directly into the TeamNet system, when CQC inspections do come around, you’ll have instant access to the records, so you and your practices are always fully prepped.

Keep Your Schedules Simple

When managing and organising a high number of individuals who are working across multiple practices at any given time, providing a clear and coherent schedule for everyone can seem impossible.

TeamNet’s rota functionality will allow you to schedule your staff from the PCN portal directly into a practice’s rota – meaning staff know where they’re working, and practices can prepare facilities to ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Easily Manage Additional Roles Across Your Network

PCNs are constantly adjusting their workforce and expertise depending on the needs of their practices, meaning that a system is needed to help handle the changes to Additional Roles and all the admin that comes with it.

TeamNet provides a futureproof solution when it comes to recruitment, managing anything from training to immunisations – all secure and shareable across practices to make managing workforces easier for everyone.

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