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Rebranding announcement  – Customer FAQs


How can I find out more information about Agilio Software? 

You can check out Agilio Software – who we are, the sectors we support, information about our directors and all our news by visiting Agilio Software home page.

Where can I find out information about Clarity Informatics software? 

For information about Clarity Informatics products and services, you will now find this all within the Primary Care section of the Agilio Software website. Our new product names will be displayed – but as you can see, they still look familiar. 

Previous product/ subscription name New name  
Clarity Appraisals  Clarity  
Clarity Appraisals for Doctors  Clarity Doctors  
Clarity Appraisals for Nurses  Clarity Nurses  
Clarity Appraisals for Paramedics  Clarity Paramedics  
Clarity Appraisals for FCPs  Clarity FCPs  
Clarity TeamNet  TeamNet  
Clarity eLearning  Primary Care | iLearn  
Prodigy  Prodigy  
Clarity Plus  Clarity Plus  
Clarity Training  iLearn (iLearn for TeamNet)  


Is there a new URL for the product I subscribe to? 

We have not made any changes to how and where you can access our products. The URLs have stayed the same. 

Are there any changes to the product I subscribe to that I or my team need to be aware of? 

Our products all function the same way, with no changes to the layout or user experience. We’ve simply updated our logos and colour schemes to reflect our new brand. 

How do I get in touch with you? 

Phone number: 

Our phone number hasn’t changed, you can continue to call us on 0191 2875800 for any technical support or enquiries you might have. You will reach the same friendly team you are used to speaking with. 

Email addresses: 

Our customer support email addresses have changed, but please don’t worry. We will still be picking up any emails you sent to our previous addresses for some time to come. We will let you know when this changes. 

Our new customer support email addresses are: 

Previous product/ subscription name New email address
Clarity Doctors  [email protected] 
Clarity Nurses [email protected] 
Clarity Paramedics  [email protected] 
Clarity FCPs  [email protected] 
TeamNet  [email protected] 
Primary Care | iLearn  [email protected] 
Prodigy  [email protected] 
Assure [email protected] 

System notifications 

All emails automatically generated from our software product will continue to come from the same email address for some time to come. For example, if you use TeamNet, you will still receive notifications from [email protected]  

I can still see references to Clarity Informatics, what’s happening? 

You may still come across our old branding for a little while yet, for example on our user guides and videos, as it is a lengthy process to fully rebrand all our assets. These will all be updated shortly. 

Is there anything we need to know about payments and contracts? 

We want to make life easy for everyone, so you don’t need to make any changes to the agreements or payment information you hold for us.  

How can I follow you on social media? 

If you currently follow us for our latest news and product updates- you don’t need to do anything. You will start seeing Agilio Primary Care updates from Monday 7th February. 

If you are not following us yet, don’t forget to click on the following links to follow us. 


You will make our day! 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the link below. 




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