Barnsley Facilities Services: Thanks for Your Great Feedback!


The team from Barnsley Facilities Services joined Isopharm Hospital CPD back in May and have been powering through our courses!

We received some great feedback from Becky, Senior Technician at Barnsley Facilities Services:

-Overall, this training packaging was enjoyable, easy to use, and I feel has increased my knowledge of Sterile Services and Endoscopy Decontamination.
It is great to have access to online training specifically for decontamination. The Technician level modules were clear, precise, knowledgeable and the information included was at an appropriate level to understand.
The assessment at the end of each module confirms my understanding of the topic. It is fantastic to have some training for all of the staff in the department which allows them to refresh their knowledge and will also support new starters.-

Becky – Senior Technician at Barnsley Facility Services

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