20 NHS Trusts Are Already Using Isopharm Hospital CPD!


Since launching in May, 20 NHS Trusts are now providing CPD courses for their SSD and EDU teams through the Isopharm Hospital CPD platform.

Here are some more great stats!

4,192 Courses taken!
1,352 Certificates issued!
297 Times our most popular course has been taken! (SSD Cleaning & Disinfection – PPE for the Wash Area)
40 New courses in our content pipeline!
10 New courses added over the last three months!

Hospital CPD from Isopharm provides an online training platform, hosting a wide range of specialist courses within specific departmental categories.

If you are invested in Hospital Healthcare Decontamination and Infection Control processes, then you will find a whole host of learning applicable to you.

Our modules are aimed at educating either new starters as part of the induction process, or those looking for refresher training on department practices and procedures.