Make sure your organisation is maintaining a high standard of testing with Isopharm Laboratory. We offer an extensive range of UKAS accredited chemical and microbiological testing services, application support, consultation, and training to hospital decontamination departments and suppliers.

UKAS Accredited Water Testing Laboratory

When it comes to carrying out your water testing, you want a service that offers support at every stage of the process. 

Isopharm Laboratory offers a modern approach to water testing, utilising our state-of-the-art facilities and techniques, as well as access to our exclusive temperature-controlled transport to make sure you’re always receiving an outstanding service at a reasonable price.


Microbiological & Chemical Testing

We utilise over 20 years of expertise to understand and manage the risk related to water and air quality, forming the foundation of our UKAS Laboratory services and providing both healthcare providers and suppliers with an extremely high quality of service.
We provide specialist support in areas including Sterile Services Departments, Endoscopy, Theatres and Domestic Services.

Logistics & Support Services

Our exclusive Orange Box System helps to keep any water samples between the required 2°C and 5°C during transportation for up to five days.
From our dedicated drivers on the road, our state-of-the-art internal monitoring system, to our dedicated laboratory and customer service teams – we make sure that your water samples are handled with care, returned on time, and remain in stability at the correct temperature band so you know your results are compliant.

Our Quality

Our laboratory service is UKAS accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for chemistry and microbiology testing.
EQA (External Quality Assurance) plays an essential role in assuring the quality of our laboratory. Our participation in EQA schemes provide confidence and evidence that the results we report are reliable and accurate.
We subscribe to Public Health England for Microbiology, Charles River Scheme for Endotoxin, and LGC Aquacheck for Chemistry, as well as complying with decontamination standards and guidance across all devolved nations, and various EN and international standards – so you know you’re in safe hands.


Our expert laboratory team are on hand to discuss and support your chemical and microbiological testing requirements.

Services, Support and Quality

UKAS accredited water testing to HTM, WHTM, NI/HTM, SHTM, CFPP, and EN decontamination standards

Weekly, Quarterly, Annual, and Commissioning water analysis for endoscope washers, instrument washers, drying cabinets, and sterilizers

Established laboratory services supplier to hospital Endoscopy & Sterile Service departments, decontamination Machine Manufacturers, Process Validation Engineers, and Estates Management companies

Dedicated logistics and support team for sample collection

Orange Box System keeping water samples compliant during transport

Surrogate devices for cleaning efficacy and disinfection efficacy, and mixed test soil to EN15883

Accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for chemistry and microbiology testing

EQA (External Quality Assurance) assuring the quality of our laboratory services



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