Our virtual compliance management service is perfect if you are looking to free up time for patients or if you just want more personal time to do the things you love.


iManage supplements your practice management with a remote expert who will update your policies and procedures each month, review any completed logs and audits, and then prepare a report accompanied by an action plan tailored just for you.

Combined with weekly calls, monthly meetings, quarterly webinars, and an annual conference, the iManage service will help to give you peace of mind that your team is being managed by an experienced professional.

This service provides more than 100 hours of support each year and is an investment to free up critical management time, allowing the principal and practice manager to either focus on key activities aimed at attracting and retaining patients or to have more personal time doing what you love.

This service is perfect for:

  –      Small practices without a practice manager or a compliance manager

  –      Practices with a business focused practice manager

  –      Any practice who can see the business benefits to this time saving approach


This is the service I have always wanted to create for our members. For years we’ve been asked ‘can you just do the compliance for us?’ I’ve always had to say no, but now finally, by combining the power of our software with years of experience gained through hundreds of successfully delivered consultancies, I’m delighted to tell you yes, we can.


Alex O’Neill, Head of Customer Success



Monthly Compliance Focus Review

Your iManager will update your policies and procedures including urgent releases, writing your compliance report notes and reviewing your digital audits, logs and checklists. You will then be sent a report with an action plan for the team

Weekly Compliance Club Calls

Stay up to date with these exclusive video calls that are only available to iManage members

Monthly Remote Meeting

Your choice of either the highly recommended monthly 1-to-1 catchup call with your iManager or a remote practice meeting for your team

Exclusive quarterly update webinars

Stay on the cutting edge of compliance and practice management with these exclusive member-only webinars

Annual iManage user day

Two free tickets to this exclusive interactive conference with the Agilio team. Meet your iManager and gain valuable verifiable CPD

The Digital Healthcheck

Unlimited access to the ‘intelligent’ iComply digital healthcheck. This tool enables you to analyse your compliance and provides insightful suggestions on how to close any gaps

3 yearly remote assessment

Your manager will perform a mock CQC assessment in line with the latest regulatory approach based on our ongoing research


Free up management time to focus on the critical tasks of patient acquisition and retention, helping to grow your top line revenue

Gain personal time – if you are a single-handed practice this service gives you more time to spend on what you enjoy

Increase your compliance knowledge through regular meetings with your iManager, Compliance Club Calls and exclusive webinars

Gain peace of mind that your compliance and team are being managed by an experienced professional

Increase your awareness of potential competency issues in the practice through feedback on completed logs and audits

Lower your risks and increase your likelihood of passing a CQC or HIW inspection


“I’ve been a PM for over 10 years and iManage has been one of the best ideas I’ve seen. Peace of mind. I can now sleep at night!”

In December my practice took the decision to use iManage with iComply. We did this because I recognised I was struggling to keep up with practice compliance and we were suffering staff issues. We weighed up the cost of an extra pair of hand compared to enrolling iManage and it was a no brainer. Caroline is my iManager and she is an absolute angel! I can now concentrate on HR, Audits, risk assessments and nurse when I’m needed to without the stress of falling behind. Worth every single penny.

Kim Payne, Practice Manager, Cotswold Dental Wellness

“iManage has taken the workload off us so smoothly and picked up just where we left off and where we sometimes struggled”

What I like best about working with you guys is that it feels like you’re part of our own practice team. From updating our policies specifically to suit our practice, to our discussions and engagements in our staff meetings, it feels like you’ve been here forever. iManage has taken the workload off us so smoothly and picked up just where we left off and where we sometimes struggled. Amy seamlessly performs our staff meetings and it feels like she’s been doing them for years. And communication is always also seamless. Responses are always efficient and helpful.

Casey, Dental Nurse, Campbell Orthodontics

“It gives us peace of mind that our compliance is being extremely well looked after”

Having been a member of iComply for many years, we signed up for iManage straight away, it gives us peace of mind that our compliance is being extremely well looked after.  The iManage team are experts in dental compliance, helpful, supportive and their advice is invaluable, the monthly reporting leaves us feeling reassured our compliance is being managed by experienced professionals. I cannot recommend this service highly enough, a big thank you to Amy, Fran and the team at iManage for all the help and support.

Julia Powell, Practice Manager, The Dental Surgery Burnham

“It’s made a huge difference to me because I now have somebody who knows what we’re doing and we’re not just guessing”

It was something that I’d kept saying to Agilio for months and months. Do you have anybody that you know of that would come in and do our compliance for us? Then Fran came on board and she did that role. And it’s made a huge difference to me because I now have somebody who knows what they’re doing and we’re not just guessing. Prior to iManage, compliance in the practice was very disjointed. We were pulling bits of information from different areas, trying to get different explanations of what we were supposed to be doing compliance-wise. And now that Fran has come on board, it’s explained, it’s scheduled. Now when I think about a CQC inspection, rather than quaking in my boots, I’m fairly confident that we’ve covered all the bases.

Richard, Practice Manager, Ewan Bramley Dental Care