Time for You Care

“The ability to be able to access information easily and quickly is greatly beneficial for saving time on office administration.”

Robyn Barclay, Business Support Executive

Time for You Care offers services in care at home for adults with varying needs of assistance with their care. Their highly trained and dedicated practitioners provide a personal and dedicated service to its users and a high-quality level of care.

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Robyn Barclay

As an organisation that values its staff to ensure the best team of practitioners, managing them is very important. Business Support executive Robyn Barclay helps to manage the ~70 staff currently employed at Time for You Care.

HR and staff management

Robyn finds myhrtoolkit perfect for staff management, especially since a lot of their staff members are on variable hours.

“It is easy to record employee hours weekly so that I know what they are due holiday-wise, and for keeping a tab on how many staff we have. Furthermore, the ability to export spreadsheets which shows staffing levels month-month is really useful for our HR team when reporting back to board members. This allows the information to be transparent and concise without the hassle of having to manually process the data.”

Most helpful featureS: Holiday and Absence management

Time for You Care use myhrtoolkit’s holiday planner and absence management for tracking holidays and sickness.

“This is especially helpful as we have staff on variable hours. The ability to easily export and convert this information to raw data also aids in managing employee payroll. I can easily keep track of their holiday and sickness, so when it comes to doing payroll, it is all right there, and I do not need to worry about chasing around data.”

Myhrtoolkit is easy to use

Discussing ease of use, Robyn found myhrtoolkit easy to learn without the need of any prior software experience, which helps in their very busy office environment.

“The ability to be able to access information easily and quickly is greatly beneficial for saving time on office administration. Two clicks, and I have whatever information I need which I can then very easily send off to where it needs to be.”

Myhrtoolkit Support

When it comes to support, Time for you Care utilise myhrtoolkit’s library of support guides on the website.

“They are easy to follow and provide plenty of guidance on what to do if an issue arises. There are some features available that I have not yet investigated which might make things even easier for our business. I plan to contact the customer support team to support our business even further.”

Would you recommend myhrtoolkit?

“I would definitely recommend myhrtoolkit, it has been very user-friendly. From coming in to use it without having any prior idea on how to use it, I have learned how to use it very quickly. I especially recommend it to other smaller companies – it is a very easy piece of software to use but very practical.”