Thorpes Physiotherapy chooses HR software recommended by healthcare professionals

“Myhrtoolkit is a one stop shop for any business looking to manage their employee admin.”

Sue Gullon, Practice Manager

How did you handle HR admin before myhrtoolkit?

“Before we started using myhrtoolkit a few years ago, all of our HR and admin was done with paper and pen. Recording absence, holidays, and tracking documents was all managed manually, which took up time from our practice. Since we’ve been using myhrtoolkit, our practice is now paperless and all of our core documents are stored securely and centrally. I have no idea how we managed before!”

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Why did you choose myhrtoolkit to be your HR software provider?

“Our practice started using myhrtoolkit after being recommended it by a manager working in the NHS. Although there are many HR software providers out there, we chose to trust myhrtoolkit because it was recommended by another qualified healthcare professional.”

How has myhrtoolkit met your staff management requirements?

“Myhrtoolkit is a one stop shop for any business looking to manage their employee admin. The software is easy to use and has all the core features you’d need for managing staff requirements. It’s a great tool to see a snapshot of important employee information, such as Bradford Factor scores, employee certificates, and absence history. You can log in to the software in a matter of seconds and access all the information you need to quickly.”

How have you found the level of support myhrtoolkit provides during and after setup?

“I’ve only ever had to contact myhrtoolkit’s support once. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a speedy response from one of the myhrtoolkit support team members within the day. I’m quite confident that if I ever had to get in touch with the support team again, my query would be resolved quickly and with great customer care.”

How has using myhrtoolkit helped you comply with FCA regulations or compliance?

“A handy thing for our practice is using myhrtoolkit to record employee training and certificates. When we first started using myhrtoolkit, we could seamlessly log everybody’s qualifications onto one centralised location, which we can now access from anywhere. As a physiotherapy practice, we record employee DBS checks, CPR training, and manual handling training, as well as our team’s physiotherapy qualifications.

“It’s great for both our practice and our practitioners to have online access to training and qualification records. Plus, if an employee ever decided to leave, we can print off their certificates instantly for them through using myhrtoolkit’s online platform.”

Would you recommend myhrtoolkit to others?

“Yes, I would. For small businesses, it’s a great tool to manage your core HR or admin processes effectively. The software also has an easy-to-use interface, which would make it ideal for any organisation looking for a simple solution for employee management.”

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