Tanner Pharma

“I regularly use the reports feature as I find it very helpful and timesaving when needing to process data and gather information.”

Helen Austen, ESG Manager

The Tanner Pharma Group has been established for 20 years and strives to improve lives by increasing access to medicines around the world. This is achieved by delivering solutions for organisations in the global healthcare network and demonstrating the values of new medications. Helen Austen is the ESG manager for the UK based office and manages the day-to-day administration of its employees.

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Our important documents are all in one place

Since Tanner Pharma began using myhrtoolkit, they have been able to transfer over all their important documents to the software to have them in one place.

Tanner Pharma make extensive use of the document library, emergency contacts, salary monitoring and working hours changes. “It really is a practical database for employee information – it also reminds us of staff birthdays and anniversaries, so we don’t miss them.”

Myhrtoolkit is streamlined and easy to use

The general ease of navigation of the software is a big advantage for the company when using myhrtoolkit. It is quick to master and easy to manage its administration such as password resets and permissions. It also allows employees to update their own details without needing to contact HR and create a bigger workload. Tanner Pharma also enjoy the ease of being able to instantly download reports from the toolkit, especially comparative ones from differing time periods. “If I wanted to compare how much holiday was taken in the first 6 months of this year versus last year, I can download that report easily.“

Support tickets are responded to quickly

Tanner Pharma have accessed the support provided by myhrtoolkit a few times during their time using the software. “When we recently added a new starter and encountered some administrative issues, we reached out for some support. The myhrtoolkit support team were able to respond to our support ticket quickly and resolved the issue without any problems!” Helen also makes use of the help sections on the website, though is aware she can contact our customer support team anytime she requires further assistance.

The reports feature is very helpful and timesaving

“I definitely recommend myhrtoolkit. It is very useful for a UK based company and this software is straightforward and easy to use. I regularly use the reports feature as I find it very helpful and timesaving when needing to process data and gather information”.