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“I would absolutely recommend myhrtoolkit – it makes your HR system almost-bulletproof.”

Darren Erb-Smith, Governance and Compliance manager

iON Ambulance is a CQC registered independent ambulance operator present throughout the UK. They provide services such as Frontline support for the NHS, paediatric and adult HDU transfers, and unique and specialist bariatric services. Darren Erb-Smith is the governance and compliance manager at iON Ambulance and manages the day-to-day running of the staff and business needs and making sure they abide by their compliance and regulation requirements.

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How has myhrtoolkit changed their HR and staff management?

Before myhrtoolkit, iON Ambulance were not using anything electric or online for HR and staff management. All administration was stored in a SharePoint account or as paper files, resulting in a lot of manual work. Documents would often be misfiled or missing. Myhrtoolkit has made it easier for the company’s staff management and document storage, especially with the use of the specified tabs for certain aspects of staff management. Myhrtoolkit has helped the company with legislation and communication needed to be distributed across their employee base. By being able to tailor communication access, such as to one of our bases or a specific management team, they can ensure that sensitive information is only shared where required. This feature allows the organisation to demonstrate to the CQC or their clients during a governance visit that communication is effective and transparent within the company.

Myhrtoolkit facilitates your company training

iON Ambulance has recently launched their own training academy and utilise the training section of the toolkit to help manage this, such as building a portfolio of courses being offered to staff. Staff can utilise this and even request courses they wish to complete via the toolkit. The document storage within this feature also allows for uploading training documents, such as qualification certificates of completed courses. It builds up a comprehensive training portfolio to assist in monitoring the overall training of employees and helps with their compliancy requirements.

Which features does Darren find most helpful?

Darren finds that the sickness management tool is simple to use, and after using the system for 7 years, he feels confident enough to directly teach staff managers at sites to use it effectively. Due to the toolkit’s efficient layout, Darren can see an overview of periods of staff sickness and set triggers within the system which are notify him when they have been met. The notes page also allows the recording of reasons for absences, so during next-stage meetings or management reviews, the data is easily accessible. Being in governance and compliance, Darren notes that the sickness management tool is nice and straightforward which helps with his role in governance and compliance. He finds similar results with the holiday entitlement tool as it calculates entitlement and updates changes automatically when required.

Another aspect of myhrtoolkit that Darren appreciates is that myhrtoolkit doesn’t sit static, and there are always messages about new bits of development within the system.

What is the suport like at myhrtoolkit?

Darren finds the support offered by myhrtoolkit streamlined and effective. Darren states that he has sent queries and had email responses back within 2 hours with a guide on what to do. “Whenever I send in a support ticket, I always receive a response the same day or by the next morning. If I am still unsure of what to do after receiving an email reply, someone in customer support has contacted me directly via telephone and talked me through what I need to do.”

Final Statement

Darren says, “I would absolutely recommend myhrtoolkit – it makes your HR system almost-bulletproof. With the levels you can set in the background to specific staff members, it makes it easy to keep certain messages and documents secure. When I have had inspections, I have shown it to Trust and Compliance Officers, and they love how it is laid out nice and clearly. It makes the HR side of the business so much simpler to navigate. You can tailor it and make it unique to your business, and you can adjust it to the needs of an individual company.”